We design and create dynamic buildings that aspire towards the synthesis between architectural quality, technology and contemporary life: where sustainability does not only represent a technical approach but an harmonious combination of different aspects interpreting the complexity of the relationship between modern society, man and nature. Respect for that which surrounds us and research in the area of rational use of energy become instruments for the design of new projects.

CP_A, founded in 2009 by Donatella Chiaruttini and Giuliano Pairone after long and heterogeneous professional careers in Italy and abroad, today has offices in Torino and Singapore.

Over the past years, Donatella and Giuliano have been responsible for a wide range of projects with different uses and scales, dedicating themselves diligently to sustainable building design.

Today CP_A has a team of talented architects and engineers from various countries and thoroughly analyzes its work and research in the field of environmental design and urban renovation through collaborations with university institutes and research centers.