2013    Giardino Comunale di Costigliole Saluzzo (Italy)
2013    Progetto Integrato di Segnaletica_CLE_Torino (Italy)
2012    Helsinki Central Library (Finland)
2012    New Durazzo Waterfront and Commercial Piers – Durazzo (Albania)
2011    ZEB – Zero Emission Buildings – New Residential District – Wine Country, Piedmont (Italy)
2011    Casa Zero_Parco del Ticino (Italy)
2011    Museum of Italian Risorgimento in Turin (Italy)
2011    Light Stripes – re_Thinking Sustainable Public Spaces – Wine Country, Piedmont (Italy)
2011    ’Sustainable Living’ Tower Apartments – Qa-em-shahr (Iran)
2010    New Auditorium in the Park – Vercelli (Italy)
2010    MPCC – Masterplan Campobasso City – together with Auer+Weber Associates [Munich] – short list finalists.
2010    SC0 – Self City Zero, New Sustainable Commercial District in Turin (Italy)
2009    Fiat Campus Manufacturing Pavilion at Melfi (Italy)
2009    Preliminary design for the new 4C Headquarter in Abu Dhabi (AE) – 2nd version
2008    Preliminary design for two bioclimatic residential buildings in Kharkov (Ukraine)
2008    New Ferrari Company Restaurant at Maranello
2008    Preliminary design for the new 4C Headquarter in Abu Dhabi (AE)
2008    Restyling of Pit Boxes and VIP Building at Mugello International Circuit
2007    New FPT Headquarter Offices in Verrone (Italy)
2007    Ferrari power plant at Maranello (Italy)
2007    Competition for the New Vicenza Fair together with Thomas Herzog, Munich (Germany)
2006    Preliminary design for the New Ferrari Restaurant at Maranello (Italy)
2006    Competition for the University of Math and Veterinary Campus in Turin, together with Munich architecture firm Auer+Weber
2005    Competition for the reconversion of the ‘Old Tobacco Factory’ in Florence (Italy)
2005    ‘Manzoni Place’ Residential and Commercial masterplan in Rome (Italy)
2004    ‘Tell Sell’ Headquarter, Lamezia Terme (Italy)
2004    Preliminary design for Bardonecchia Olympic Village, 2006 Turin Olympic Games.
2003    Ferrari Paintshop Pavilion, Maranello (Italy)
2003    New Faculty of Law Campus in Turin, together with Foster and Partners London.
2003    New Giovanni e Marella Agnelli Paintings Gallery in Turin, together with Renzo Piano Building Workshop
2002    Hotel Le Meridien Art+Tech in Turin, together with Renzo Piano Building Workshop
2002    Ferrari Engine Hall Pavilion, Maranello (Italy)
2001    Phase 2 Reconversion proposal for the ‘Old Delle Alpi’ Stadium, Turin (Italy)
2000    IVECO Training Center in Turin (Italy)
1999    Phase 1 Reconversion proposal for the ‘Old Delle Alpi’ Stadium, Turin (Italy)