SCOOP – Società Cooperativa di Progettazione a r.l.

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Da marzo 2015 l’arch. Donatella Chiaruttini è socia e direttore tecnico e responsabile della progettazione in ambito architettonico e ingegneristico di SCOOP – Società Cooperativa di progettazione a r.l.

Giardino Comunale di Costigliole Saluzzo (CN)

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Maggio 2014 – sono iniziati i lavori di restyling del giardino

House in Bernate Ticino [IT]

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December 2013 – the building is almost complete Dicembre 2013 – l’edificio è in corso di ultimazione

House in Calice Ligure

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August 2013 – the building site started. The project regards a new sustainable house in the hinterland of Liguria. The house uses mainly natural sources (PV panels, solar panels, rainwater harvesting) and the energy consumption is minimum (wooden structure, maximum insulation, best orientation). Agosto 2013 – è partito il cantiere. Il progetto interessa una residenza […]

House in Bernate Ticino, Italy

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May 2013 – the building site started  


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  28.11.2012 – Giuliano Pairone is one of the keynote speaker at the conference ‘Green Building at Any Scale’, together with Jacob Lange (BIG), Lone Wiggers (C.F. Moller), Dan Zohar (Haugen/Zohar)  

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Sustainable Architecture in the 3rd Industrial Revolution

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 27.01.2012 – Giuliano Pairone, spoke on ‘Sustainable Architecture in the Third Industrial Revolution’ at the MPI, organized by the School of Business Administration (SAA)  

Modern Cities Transformations

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July 4th to July 22nd  2011 – Giuliano Pairone is design leader, together with Adam Greenspan (PWP San Francisco)  and Alessandro Grella (ITZMO) for the workshop in sustainable design ‘Modern Cities Transformations: toward a sustainable growth’


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June 2011 – ZEB, Zero Emission Building, was officially presented to the Costigliole City Council